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Inclusion Criteria

All event submissions will be vetted for inclusion on the SWAHN website based on the criteria below and will also be subject to the general inclusion criteria from and its formatting and wording guidelines.

Should an event be submitted that does not adhere to the criteria, the SWAHN Manager will be advised and will make contact with the poster to explain the rationale.
In vetting potential event postings for, at least one selection from each of the following three fields must be in place to qualify the posting for the SWAHN website:
  • One of the following event types:
Awareness, conference, education, professional development, research, training, webinar/online, workshop.
  • One to three of the following event topics:
Addiction; Arthritis; Autism Spectrum; Bereavement; Cancer; Caregiving; Chronic Pain; Community Engagement; Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease; Diabetes; Disability; Healthy Living; Heart Disease and Stroke; HIV/AIDS; Mental Health; Nutrition; Osteoporosis and Bone Health; Other; Palliative and End-of-Life; Parkinson’s Disease; Sexual Health; Special Needs; Wellness and Prevention.
  • One or more locations:
South West LHIN, Erie St. Clair LHIN or events at the University of Waterloo.

Please note: Events that fall outside of the three areas above will still be considered. If your event falls outside of the South West and Erie St. Clair LHIN regions, please submit the event to the and include a note in the description requesting the event be included on the SWAHN site. 
*Please be sure to include “SWAHN” in the description field
of the event submission form.*