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Any organization, group or individual focused on the health of others may be affiliated with SWAHN. The Network has engaged several education and research institutes, community and teaching hospitals, long term health care, community service providers, and other healthcare organizations across Southwestern Ontario and beyond through its Project Team structure as well as through other activities (like retreats, conferences, and symposiums).

SWAHN has three streams in alignment with our value proposition: 1) Interprofessional Collaboration, 2) Knowledge Generation & Translation, and 3) Networking & Engagement. Project Teams (formerly known as Working Groups) are aligned to the first two streams. Dr. Robin Walker, SWAHN Co-Lead, provides oversight to the Interprofessional Collaboration Stream.  Similarly, Dr. Davy Cheng, SWAHN Co-Lead, provides oversight the Knowledge Generation & Translation Stream. The third stream, Networking & Engagement, is led by SWAHN's Secretariat and focuses on the development of the annual SWAHN conference and Network Contributors' meetings. 

The roles and responsibilities of Project Team Co-Chairs and volunteers are outlined in the following two documents.

Roles and Responsibilities of SWAHN Project Team Co-Chairs  (updated December 2017)
Roles and Responsibilities of SWAHN Project Team Volunteers  (updated December 2017)

2018 SWAHN Organizational Chart

Network Contributors' Roundtable SWAHN Secretariat Strategic Opportunities Ad hoc communications support from Network Contributors Interprofessional Collaboration Stream Knowledge Generation and Translation Stream Networking and Engagement Stream

The newly reorganized structure noted above was developed in 2017 and approved by the former Steering Committee in September 2017. It was shared publicly at the SWAHN Conference on October 13, 2017. SWAHN’s previous organizational chart, representing the Network’s initial structure from 2014-2017 can be accessed through the link below.

Download a version of the 2014-2017 SWAHN Organizational Chart.